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San Antonio san antonio - culture, crea...
San Antonio is one of those cities with that perfect vibe going on, a... full story

Detriot and Windsor Travel a tale of two cities - wind...
Travel Gay Canada recently held their annual conference in Windsor,... full story

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Latest in Entertainment
WineFest niagara’s sweet, sparkling ...
Twenty Valley Tourism Association presents its Winter WineFest... full story

Truth "truth" tackles some heavy ...
"Very Rewarding" to see reaction of audiences says Truth co-star Rob... full story

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Latest in Fashion
Holiday Style holiday style survival guide
More often than not, I find myself struggling to put together the... full story

TOM with Steven and Chris tom comes out
Just who is ‘TOM’? It’s the question many of us found ourselves asking... full story

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Latest in Lifestyle
Drag Queens of London what a DR.A.G.!
What could be better than hundreds of drag queens under the Christmas... full story

Uncharted Waters uncharted waters
Evalyn Parry’s blend of wit, creativity and social conscience make her... full story

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