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winter 2014 editorial

a successful world pride

winter 2014 editorial
colin sines

Here we are with another winter issue to end another amazing year. In retrospect, 2014 has been a year of uneasiness around the world. Countries are still not recognizing the rights and equality of the LGBT community. I mention this because it makes us realize how incredibly lucky we are to live in Canada, one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to recognizing equality for all minority groups.

In June,Toronto, Ontario and Canada played host to the world at a very successful World Pride, the first time in North America. I had the opportunity to experience being in Toronto on June 28; it was, without a doubt, an amazing experience.

Welcome to our winter issue, we continue to share with our readers interesting and enlightening stories from all walks of life which is the mandate of OUTVisions to highlight the true unexplored side of the LGBT community. 

In this issue we are excited to share an exceptional coffee table book Dr.a.g. This book has some of the most outstanding photography of drag artists, a book you will definitely want to display on your table. Our travel section is all about the destination relationship between Windsor, Ont. and Detroit, MI creating a ”two nation vacation” and San Antonio, Tx a vibrant very LGBT friendly city.

Evalyn Parry is our cover story,  an amazing lesbian who has many talents that include, singer, songwriter, actor, playwright and director. Her story is one of great accomplishments.

From all of us at OUTVisions we wish you the happiest of the holiday season and the very best for 2015. 

Be proud, be happy and above all be safe this winter and don’t forget when you curl up in front of the fireplace a perfect setting to enjoy this issue of OUTVisions.

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