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my thoughts on the orlando shootings

love rules, hate destroys

my thoughts on the orlando shootings
colin sines

When I turned on my television Sunday morning and watched Orlando unfold I was horrified, in shock with many tears, and asked myself, WHY? It was heart wrenching to be watching my community in such horrific turmoil.

We think we have come so far and then one mentally sick man comes a long and in just a few minutes knocks us back off the wall while taking many lives with him. 

All of us at OUTVisions send our thoughts and love to all who lost their lives. We pray for those who are injured that they all recover and for the families of all the victims who now have to face every day missing their loved ones.

We must not give in to this radicalism! As a community we are strong and have overcome many obstacles over many years, through our perseverance for acceptance and equality, we will do so again, albeit with a much heavier heart.

The atrocities of last weekend will forever be branded in my mind forever, we will stand together with love in our hearts and a strong believe we are right and deserve better.

Now here we go again with the discussion on gun controls in the US with the National Gun Associations and the republicans still with their head in the sand and still arguing the ease of gun purchase has nothing to do with these mass murders; how many people - including children - have to die before they start to have some compassion and work towards a better world. 

Love rules, hate destroys - let’s all stand together through LOVE.

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