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for her spring 2014

get pampered and go veg

for her spring 2014
melinda cheevers

Go Veg

Don’t give up on your abandoned resolutions for the year just yet – it’s never too late to make a positive change. The Meatless Monday campaign encourages people to eat meat-free meals just one day a week to improve their health and reduce the strain on the planet’s resources. Want more information? Visit

Rock Out

While Transgender Dysphoria Blues is the sixth studio album by Florida-based punk band Against Me!, it marks a coming out of sorts. It’s the first album released since lead singer Laura Jane Grace fully transitioned as a transgender woman. While the song’s subject matter is new – focusing on a self-destructive girl in a boy’s body, the band’s established punk metal sound remains the same.

Get Pampered

Put a little spring in your step with a romantic spa getaway. White Oaks Resort and Spa offers up packages that include accommodations, meal credits and spa treatments. From body wraps and glows to massages and nail therapy, all remnants of the nasty winter weather will be gone in no time.

Reel Deal

North America’s only lesbian film festival returns to London this April. Taking place at Rainbow Cinema, screenings for the London Lesbian Film Festival will be held April 25-27 in Citi Plaza. The weekend includes an opening night reception at The Delta Armouries, a Saturday night dance at The Music Hall and Sunday brunch with comedienne Suzanne Westenhoefer at the London Convention Centre. The film lineup will be released in March. Visit for more details.

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