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tel aviv: a new gay capital in the old world

discover a city that doesn't see

tel aviv: a new gay capital in the old world
Israeli Ministry of Tourism

The ancient stones of the old Jaffa, whispering old memories, its small, labyrinth-like narrow alleys inviting you, walking hand by hand, to discover its secrets.

Welcome to Tel Aviv, the site of your most unpredictable holiday to date.

Ask any friend who’s visited Tel Aviv, and they will tell you that the city has surprised them each time, causing them to forget everything they thought and discover a city that doesn’t sleep.

This dashing piece of gay heaven holds within the combination for a perfect vacation for men and women: gorgeous guys dancing at the hottest clubs, stunningly beautiful women enjoying its pure shores, modern and contemporary art galleries, cutting-edge fashion, local and international cuisine, history-filled streets hosting the latest urban chic and amazing sunsets.

Tel Aviv, or as it is officially called Tel Aviv-Jaffa, is only 102 years old but with a history of thousands of years.

A visit to the Old City in Jaffa will reveal many layers of history and fascinating stories about the years in which even Napoleon was captivated by our city.

One of the main reasons to love Tel Aviv so much is the unlimited amount of freedom it offers: the freedom to lounge on its beautiful beaches or stroll around enjoying its impressive architecture, to choose from hundreds of restaurants and cafes, to enjoy a night at the opera or an evening movie, and of course,  to choose a drink on the bar or to dance the night away at one of its pulsing clubs. 

But most importantly, Tel Aviv allows people to be free and proud and live life exactly as they please.

Don’t try looking for its Gayborhood; there is none. Tel Aviv is a Gay City, where anyone can walk anywhere hand in hand, share a romantic dinner, and even pick up a waiter/waitress.

Tel Aviv really doesn’t sleep, and there’s something to do around the clock. Locals go out late, so clubs and bars don’t fill up till after midnight, but you’ll have a great time till morning.

At every waking moment, Tel Aviv has only one goal: having fun. This city is designed to offer everyone the ultimate vacation experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re here alone, with your girlfriend, boyfriend or best friends — this is the place for everyone.

Tel Aviv has a magical, unique mixture of people. Like her sisters all over the world — New York, Berlin Paris and Madrid — Tel Aviv draws the free-spirited people from all over the country, allowing them to live their lives as they choose. Gay, Lesbian, transgender or bisexual — at all ages, people are free to live, love, work, create and enjoy the cultural and social oasis that is Tel Aviv. 

This free and enriching environment built the path to the founding of TLVFEST — Israel International LGBT Film Festival, taking place every summer, inviting gays and lesbians from all over the world to share the Israeli creations. 

These are the people that fill the streets every June at the Pride Parade, showing off the free gay spirit of the city (and some great bodies) in a huge gay beach party. These are the people that will feel free to smile at you while walking past you on the street, offering a personal tour guide. These are the talented people that perform on international stages with theater, dance groups and art exhibitions.

These are the men and women that unite as one under a colour-blind flag, accepting all under one big colorful community.

This is your perfect opportunity to get to know these people.

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AuthorIsraeli Ministry of Tourism

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