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Fashionable Holiday Gifts For Every Occasion

perfect gifts for everyone on your list

Fashionable Holiday Gifts For Every Occasion

The holidays truly are the best time of year. No matter how you choose to celebrate, there is something incredibly magical about the season. With the snow falling, the beautiful bright lights shining and people taking time to get together and celebrate, it’s a rare opportunity to kickback, relax by the fire and toast to another incredible year with the ones you love most.

festive faux fur wine bag

festive faux fur wine bag

festive faux fur wine bag, from pottery barn
The weeks leading up however are far more frightful than delightful. With so much to plan for, so many gifts to buy, endless parties to plan and attend along with the added year-end pressures at work, it’s a truly a miracle that any of us make it through to the next year in one piece! Even for us seasoned veterans, the select few who are making lists and checking them twice, organizing the holidays and keeping everything together is a true sport and not for the faint of heart. For some, there’s spreadsheets, calendar invites, mobile-friendly reminders and a trail of detailed post-it notes to help us ensure we’re keeping everything together. We are an elite group who thrive on this this kind of yuletide mayhem. If this were the TV show Friends, we would be known as ‘the Monica’ of the group. Am I starting to paint a picture here?

holiday gifts for everyone!

My holiday gift to each of you is that you too can benefit from this nauseating level of organization and attention to detail. After all, anyone can remember to pick up something for the ones we love and cherish the most. This is meant for everyone else. Think; bosses, colleagues and coworkers, hosts and hostesses of the season, children’s teachers, coaches and tutors, great aunt what’s-her-name, nearby neighbors and many other ghosts of gift-giving’s past we’re sure to forget. No matter how hard you work to plan for every possible occasion, someone you’ve forgotten is bound to slide down the proverbial chimney and take you by surprise. This is where Monica, really comes in handy. I hear you saying “its impossible to plan for everyone!” Is it? “That would be way too expensive!” It doesn’t have to be! Here you’ll find a handy holiday-friendly assortment of one size fits all gifts that you can personalize for any occasion and budget.

sparkly wine stopper

sparkly wine stopper

sparkly wine stopper from h&m
We’re all guilty of scrambling to put together a last minute gift that gives the illusion of being both thoughtful and personal. Grabbing a bottle of wine, either from the LCBO or your own stash is usually the natural reaction. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with a great red, particularly at this time of year. But if you’re attending a party, chances are good that the receiver is going to get more than a few, so how can you stand out and provide a gift that’s more unique? Simple, pick up some amazing accessories that give your gift some much needed holiday flare. Try wrapping your favorite cabernet or merlot in a festive faux fur wine bag, like this one in caramel ombre from Pottery Barn.

cheese knives

cheese knives

set of cheese knives, from Wildly Delicious
You can also throw in a sparkly stopper like these great options from H&M Home. At around $5-$10 each, they’re a great way to leave a lasting impression long after the party (and wine) is done.

inspire culinary creations

The December social season means that we’re sure to be tempted by tons of delicious treats. We all have that one friend that goes above and beyond every year, preparing a magazine worthy spread of food and drink. A great set of cheese knives, like this one from Wildly Delicious is sure to inspire further culinary creations from any amateur chef. With rosewood handles and Japanese stainless steel blades, this is sure to stand the test of time and become an essential for great parties season after season.

Cozy up

fleece stadium throw

fleece stadium throw

cozy up in this fleece stadium throw in red and black from Indigo
There’s no better feeling than being home for the holidays. Whether you’re planning an elaborate party or an intimate get together, the goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere and a warm, inviting space for friends and family. A great gift for the home is something every member of the family can enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in this fleece stadium throw in red and black from Indigo? It’s the perfect accessory for cuddling up on the couch with a good book or lounging by the fire after an afternoon enjoying the snow. A beautiful candle also makes a wonderful gift for any holiday host or hostess. That way, once the party is over and clean up is complete, they can enjoy the sweet smell of gratitude from their favorite guest. H&M Home has tons of great options under $20 like this Black Oak candle. It looks good, smells even better and sure to please even the most discerning décor diva.

marl stripe muffler scarf from Cole Haan

marl stripe muffler scarf from Cole Haan

keep cozy with this wide marl stripe muffler scarf from Cole Haan

fashionista frenzy

Shopping for your favorite fashionista can be challenging, especially when trying to determine size. There are plenty of trendy options that fit every budget and body type. A gorgeous scarf is a great layering piece to dress up any look. This wide marl stripe muffler scarf from Cole Haan is elegant and incredibly cozy. For any host with a penchant for haute couture, this Kent Wang ‘Hunt of the Unicorn’ printed pocket square is truly a work of art that will elevate any suit or blazer, perfectly timed for New Years Eve. Finally, stay warm from head to toe in a great pair of camp socks, like these ones from J Crew in festive candy cane red and pink.

j crew camp socks

j crew camp socks

j crew camp socks will keep your toes warm this winter

Stay prepared all year round

A helpful tip to pass along is to consider putting together a box of holiday gift options to have on hand just in case. Take some of the ideas like those outlined here plus a few of your own, throw in a couple of boxes of cards (holiday, birthday, thank you) along with a few gift bags and that way, you’ll always be prepared for whatever your social calendar decides to throw your way. It’s never too early to start planning, even for next year. As you know, the best deals are sure to be found after the 25th so keep your eyes peeled as you begin building your own fully customized arsenal of perfectly thoughtful gifts. Happy holidays everyone!

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